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hi there lovely people! - The Riot Grrrl Add Me Community [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The Riot Grrrl Add Me Community

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hi there lovely people! [Nov. 28th, 2010|04:50 pm]
The Riot Grrrl Add Me Community


[mood |artistic]
[music |galaxie 500]

writer/boho/creator/magazine editor/journalist/recording artist/music,movies and book geek/dorky
born in 1977 but feel like im 16.
Trying to get back into LJ so I want more active friends..I'm not the greatest commenter but ALWAYS no matter WHAT reply back:))

I post my photo manipulations(im a beginner) my poetry/interviews with people,links to my projects,rants about my often messed up anxiety/depression ridden life(insert emo joke here)Im obsessed with britpop,indie rock,shoegaze,dream pop 90's grunge I'm in Seattle,agoraphobic,addicted to coffee and tea and writing letters.
i love indie films,horror,drug movies,cult classics,tragedy drama and black comedies.

ADORE the mighty boosh which is rare for an american but i so love them! ahh!
my fave band is pulp(another rarity)
I play second life and make avatars and sell them:)<.....geekdom
LOVE deviantart.com and lastfm..oh and netflix!

fave movie velvet goldmine
love beat poets
fave comedian JERRI BLANK!!!(strangers with candy)and Russell brand,noel fielding Juliann Barrett

random things...I'm allergic to the sun rays
im a BBW (fat) lol!!
i have several pen pals
I like Kawaii..It's cute!
bananas are my fave fruit
I like stationary and stickers
i love talking on the phone rather than text.

add me?

*giggle snort*


[User Picture]From: NicheCity
2010-12-18 04:57 am (UTC)


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