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I see nobody has posted here in a looooooooooong time, but I'm gonna introduce myself in case some cool people happen to see it.

Name: Erin
Age: 23
Location: Iowa
Interests: Photography, anarchism/anarchafeminism, sexuality, sex positivity, zines, cooking, making things, queer porn, tacky 90s shit.
Favorite Bands: Beat Happening, The Smiths, The Cure, Dicks, Bikini Kill, Vivian Girls, Dum Dum Girls, My Bloody Valentine, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Dolly Mixture, Bratmobile, Heavens to Betsy, Tiger Trap, Gaze, Tuscadero, The Dears, Neutral Milk Hotel......there are way more, that's just a few examples.
Journal: Mostly friends only. This is a brand new account that I started mainly because I missed having a blog with privacy settings. My main blog is on tumblr (waronxmas) and it's 100% public. So yeah.
How long I've been into riot grrrl: A year or two, I think. 

I'm queer, femme, and I consider myself an anarchafeminist. Wooo.



i am your worst nightmare.
i am your best fantasy.

Hi, I'm Remy. I'm an Aries, 21 year-old, high femme & queer. I enjoy long walks on the beach, destroying capitalism, foreign films, converting women to lesbianism, and baking delicious vegan goods. My journal is friends only and a mish-mash of rants, raves, and rambles about (but not limited to) any of the following: activism, politics, sex/sexuality, queer theory, reading, feminism, music, college, relationships, media analyses, and living with a disability (PTSD/DID.)

If you're interested, drop me a comment and add me. I'm really into blogging and looking for active friends.
fade away never

hi there lovely people!

writer/boho/creator/magazine editor/journalist/recording artist/music,movies and book geek/dorky
born in 1977 but feel like im 16.
Trying to get back into LJ so I want more active friends..I'm not the greatest commenter but ALWAYS no matter WHAT reply back:))

I post my photo manipulations(im a beginner) my poetry/interviews with people,links to my projects,rants about my often messed up anxiety/depression ridden life(insert emo joke here)Im obsessed with britpop,indie rock,shoegaze,dream pop 90's grunge I'm in Seattle,agoraphobic,addicted to coffee and tea and writing letters.
i love indie films,horror,drug movies,cult classics,tragedy drama and black comedies.

ADORE the mighty boosh which is rare for an american but i so love them! ahh!
my fave band is pulp(another rarity)
I play second life and make avatars and sell them:)<.....geekdom
LOVE deviantart.com and lastfm..oh and netflix!

fave movie velvet goldmine
love beat poets
fave comedian JERRI BLANK!!!(strangers with candy)and Russell brand,noel fielding Juliann Barrett

random things...I'm allergic to the sun rays
im a BBW (fat) lol!!
i have several pen pals
I like Kawaii..It's cute!
bananas are my fave fruit
I like stationary and stickers
i love talking on the phone rather than text.

add me?

*giggle snort*

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fade away never

hi im new!!!

im looking for people specifically into the mighty boosh true blood dexter britpop indie rock shoegaze old Seattle grunge(thats where iam),Kawaii..Jarvis cocker is my favorite person..must love Pulp and suede,placebo,trainspotting,velvet goldmine,makeup hair dye,im obsessed with London and Paris(never been though,agoraphobic) i comment when I can and always reply to you when i get commented im a publishef author and work for a mag..must love poetry!!
I talk about mental health,Addictions,bands,photography,poetry..im single no kids.
pop culture and counter culture freaks a plus!

being over 18 is too cos im 33
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Violet and Claire


Name: Simona (aka Squee)
Age: 26
Location: Brooklyn
Sexuality: Pansexual, Queer
Sign: Leo
Religious Affiliation: Progressive Jew
Dis/Abilities: Moderate Hearing Loss, PTSD with depression and panic attacks
Interests: making digital art, listening to music, reading tons of books, getting body mods, playing with puppies, chilling out in NYC
Favorite Bands: Janis Joplin, Joan Jett, Bikini Kill, Aerosmith, Alanis Morissette, The Beatles, Lynard Skynard, Type O Negative...the list is random and endless
Journal: My journal is restricted access.  I am an abuse survivor currently dealing with formerly repressed memories, so I write to cope.  No offense meant.
How long I've been into riot grrrl: I was introduced to riot grrl and punk when I was around 14 at sleepaway camp, of all places.  I wrote 'zines when I was in junior high and started listening to grrl bands, which progressed into goth music.  I'm more goth than punk, but I love me some third wave feminism. ;)  I'd love to talk to some people in this community.  I used to have a website for women dealing with PTSD and trauma, but it's down.  I'm hoping to create some form of activism project to continue that work.  Lemme know if you're interested.

Nice to meet y'all! *snug*
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Hi... my name is Brandy ... AKA: riotgrrrlaz. I reside in Phoenix Arizona but would much rather be in California.   I am new to this community and to live journal. I create, write, and publish my own zine called Little Grrrl Lost & Found, which is written for women and grrrls. It covers such topics as feminism, domestic violence, rape, grrl power, riot grrl movement, music, fashion, and includes poetry and short stories. I have been involved in the riot grrl movement since I was 15 yrs old... I am now 33 and still believe that the voices of grrls and women should be heard and should be loud! I have two beautiful grrls of my own now and have done my best to teach them about loving themselves, projecting confidence, being independent, and standing up for whatever it is that they believe in. I look forward to meeting others in this community and making new friends.
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Hole @ Shepherd's Bush Empire

Last night I got to see Hole play their first gig for 11 YEARS. That's right, 11 YEARS. Those of you fond of 50s polka dot dresses combined with ironic bleached blonde hair and smudged red lipstick will know what a momentous occasion this was. Hole, the epitome of 90s riot grrl feminism, inspire such a wave of nostalgia in me that just writing this makes me feel like I'm sat at the back of an RE class discreetly listening to Violet on my walkman wishing I was anywhere but here... read more.

hej hej.

Hi, I'm Remy and I'm an Aries. I enjoy long walks on the beach, converting women to lesbians, foreign films, and destroying capitalism.

Age: 20.
Sex: Grrl.
Location: I move around. I'm originally from Stockholm (Sweden,) & just moved from Baltimore, Maryland (USA) to Annapolis, MD.
Interests: Activism, politics, DIY, music, traveling, animal rights, feminism, veganism, sexuality, painting, poetry, BOOKS, design, gardening, radicalism, anarchy, foreign languages, culture, anthropology, tattoos, piercings.
Music: Dia Psalma, Ebba Grön, Le Tigre, Sleater-Kinney, M.I.A., Propagandhi, Coca Carola, etc.
→ I'm currently a Germanic studies major & history & LGBT studies minor at UMD. I'm a total fucking nerd & read my textbooks for fun.
→ My journal is completely fucking random. I curse like a sailor, update often, & write about anything and everything: college, living w/ a mental illness (PTSD & DID,) movies/tv/books, politics, philosophy, music, and so on.
→ I'm direct, blunt, confident, snarky, sarcastic, chaotic, intense, passionate, & compassionate.
→ If you're interested in being friends, just drop me a comment, add me, & I'll add you back.

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 Name: Shay
Age: 18
Location: NH
Preference: Straight, bi-curious
Sign: Cancer
Interests: poetry, art, feminism, music (indie, alt), zines, hikes, bike rides, lo-fi photography, sewing, crocheting, etc...
Favorite Bands: Animal Collective, Modest Mouse, Bob Dylan, Joanna Newsom, Sonic Youth, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Arcade Fire, Kimya Dawson, etc...
Journal: Friends only, but I'm looking for more!
How long I've been into riot grrrl: Not into it yet...I've been into feminism for a long time, just finished a women's lit. class which intrigued me even more, trying to dig deeper into the culture.